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Gramophone Company

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As soon as people realized the extraordinary properties of sound, learned to play the melodic, rhythmic sounds with different objects and materials at hand, the music began to emerge. Over time, the gift of creating beautiful sound perfected, upgrade items, extract audio, sound start all at least look like a real melody that evoked the man some feelings, and that would be attracted to listen to repeatedly. However, only a lot of time after frequent attempts to create a sound recording have resulted in the appearance of first mechanical mechanisms that play a sound. The first transmit audio information can be considered metal discs with small holes are inserted into the machine or music boxes, and using hand gestures that lead the disc in motion, began to hear music. Happy New Year progress has led to a recording of mechanical musical instruments that could record the music – special mechanical pianos. At the end of the XIX century, after Alexander Bell opened the phone and started using wax cylinders, a new era of sound recording.

Gramophone was officially patented in 1888, and transmit the music began to be used zinc-coated wax records. The company produced a record Gramophone Company and sold gramophones and records around the world. At the beginning of the XX century company "Pate" by improving structure of the aircraft, began producing phonographs – small, complete with case, players records. First began to appear cooperative, making the recording. Further history record had been created directly before our eyes, and we have seen that step.


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