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Personal training expert Jennifer Wade launches her next QPT qualified personal trainer certification program in February 2010 personal training expert Jennifer Wade launches her next QPT qualified personal trainer certification program in February 2010 those wishing to turn their love of sports of into a new source of income have come to the right place. Jennifer Wade, renowned fitness expert and book author has developed a personal training certification program which has earned the reputation of being one of the best personal training certifications available on the market today. During the 10-month certification program, the Jennifer Wade trainees learn in detail about personal training, fitness, nutrition, exercise testing and prescription, sports medicine and how to run their very own Jennifer Wade personal training business. The certification is of Triton upon successful completion of a final examination of both theory and training techniques. Successful candidates then earn the right to call themselves a Jennifer Wade qualified personal trainer (QPT), a prestigious certification with a name that stands for quality and competence.

The QPT Certification program is a 10-month course composed of 8 modules. “In addition to learning my unique training techniques, my educators ensure that all QPT ‘s leave the course manage their well versed in how to deal with customers, efficiently and effectively time run a successful personal training business.” QPT ‘s are trained intensively to pay the utmost attention to detail and this is what really makes the difference,”states Wade. The QPT certification program is carried out by a team of professionals including: physicians, alternative medicine experts, nutritionists and QPT educators. The QPT certification program is the ideal certification program for individuals with fitness or health qualifications who wish to expand their services to include staff training. Jennifer Wade so offers a longer program for individuals who would like to become personal trainers but who have no prior health or fitness experience. The QPT certification is viewed by the industry as a stepping stone to career advancement. This reputable and well known certification allows fitness and health professionals to expand their clientele and address the needs of more demanding customers who are serious about and willing to invest in their health and well being such as top manager, career women, actors, models, and professional athletes.

Jennifer is American who has years over 30 of experience working as a trainer. She is known as the pioneer of personnel training in the German-speaking countries of Europe. In the 1990’s she launched the QPT certification program, the first of its child in Germany. Several hundred health professionals across Europe have completed the Jennifer Wade QPT certification program. QPT certification program dates 2010: modules 1(4 days) March 4th 7th module 2 (3 days) March 5th 7th module 3 (3 days) April 23rd 25th module 4 (3 days) June 11th 13th module 5 (3 days) July 23rd 25th module 6 (3 days) September 24th to 26th module 7 (3 days) October 15th 17th module 8 (3 days) November 12th 14th final exams (3 days) December 10th 12th for further information and photos please visit the Jennifer Wade website: training contact: Jennifer Wade Training residence George Street 22 in the Garden House, 80799 Munich Tel.: 089 3090 5387-0, fax: 089 3090 5387-50 Internet:


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