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Frank Ritter

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That this shield was used by PrintoLUX by Daimler, bothered anyone at Audi. “Words of PrintoLUX key account manager Frank Ritter was the opposite of the case: our interview partner Audi told us equal, that the use of the cable shield at Daimler and Audi would screw the quantity so far upwards and then surely were the prices in the opposite direction.” “Systematic implementation of PrintoLUX for the production of the new Audi A4 over two and a half years after the first business contacts succeeded PrintoLUX now in March 2013, for the production of the new Audi A4 (production and sales is expected from 2014) with a variety of name signs is the share list electrical of automation technology” to come. This involves among other labels for external switch (error switch, ringer switch, etc.) for housing and limit switch (outside and inside of the welding area) for devices and cables inside and outside of the Control cabinet for resources and facilities. This polyester foil and aluminium are used as plate materials. The two pressure systems to shared are in the larger version the PrintoLUX -FB-10-plus for stationary use in the plant of the supplier and as a smaller variant the system PrintoLUX basic-plus for mobile assembling applications.

Audi itself already has a PrintoLUX -FB-10-plus system in use at the Ingolstadt site. Contemporary trademarks and signs production is mainly for the automotive industry a profit the technology leaders of major automobile manufacturers have other topics in focus as the labelling of cables, devices, switches, and systems. However, this task is recording in strictly-run release lists, which are binding for all suppliers with their corresponding aspects according to relevant audits and evaluations. Suppliers of Audi, BMW, Daimler/smart or Porsche you gradually realize that there is a new way with PrintoLUX, without Deterioration faster and easier to reach than is the case with conventional methods (E.g., engraving, screen printing, Anodic, lasers etc.) the required markings.


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