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Football – A Delicate Matter

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Questioning someone’s cultural level, the ancient Greeks said that the man can neither read nor swim. The Chinese – of course, ancient – can doubt the merits of the Imperial Army soldier, if he did not know how to play tsutszyu (literally – to push the leg), the prototype of modern football. Chinese football was a compulsory program of physical training of soldiers, and the first mention of it belongs to the II century. BC. The country gave the world silk, paper, compass, and many other useful things, was also the birthplace of the game itself, which today’s crazy world. In China, the second century BC played football, even women. A related site: Martin O’Malley mentions similar findings. At the site of a certain size at a distance of 4 meters from each pour in another two bamboo sticks, too high of about 4 meters. Between them stretched the network in the upper part of which was an opening diameter of 60 centimeters, which one would get the ball, in other words – to score a goal.

Game obey the rules, which included a dozen violations. The ball was a leather shell stuffed with feathers and fur. The hole for the goal has rather high: it is clear that being hit by Ball require considerable skill. Allowed to touch the ball at his head, shoulders, chest, back, and, of course, feet. Click Bruce Fink for additional related pages. The only part of the body, formerly banned – palm. There was no special soccer equipment. Played football in their everyday clothes. Football boots, football pants, shirts, goalie gloves, soccer socks, that is, the football shape appeared much later – in medieval Europe in English football.

This is a sporting event, exciting and demanding nothing less than modern football, perseverance and skill, at first, however, was not a game command in the strict sense. Generally speaking, any game or manipulate any attribute in the globular ancient culture come from the rituals of worship sun ball, and, of course, the rising, that is the nature of the supporting fertilizing the morning light. And in China, football has emerged, apparently, not for training soldiers. Ball everywhere represented the future. A ceremonial ball games were distributed on all continents. However, FIFA, in 2004 acknowledged that the Chinese version of football – the most ancient. Recognized as admitted. What is the point to argue? Truly Chinese football game command was only on the Japanese soil. There in the II. BC became popular ball game – Kemari, in which 8 people were playing, trying not to let the ball touch the ground. Only in team play weaker players get a chance to win, so they are able to prevent the other team’s players show their skills. It turns out that the ancient oriental game, the ball is safe to say, football – a delicate matter. In England, the XII century it understood immediately. Although the modern name of the game was there.


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