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One is elaborations that can be taken to the work, to picnic, an excursion, to a rustic food, to eat in a trip, that is to say food to take. The situations are many in which we needed this type things, since every time the number of times is greater that we must eat outside or that movermos us to visit a place, to make a trip or to reunite us in a food or have tea in the field, a garden or similar sites. I for this rich and substantial occasion have chosen muffins of bilberries. They are best and they conserve long time. Ideals for this event. Desire you like.

MUFFINS OF BUTTER AND BILBERRIES Ingredients for 12 muffins of good 250 size gr. of flour 250 gr. of sugar 250 gr. of butter 4 8 great eggs or medium 5 gr. of chemical leavening, impelling or dusts of hornear (Royal for example) 1 teaspoon of vanilla aroma (I use one that I bring of Alemania*) 12 nosey spoonfuls of jam of cuharadas bilberries of excellent quality 12 of dessert of the same jam Preparation: In a bowl to put butter in blandita ointment or and the sugar. To work awhile and to add eggs one by one. When or we have incorporated all the eggs to add the vanilla aroma soon and little by little the flour mixed with impelling the chemical leavening or.

Once mix made it to put in the papers of muffins a spoonful, soon the one of jam of bilberries, to cover with another spoonful of mass and finally to put in each muffin a spoonful of jam dessert of bilberries. To cook in the furnace to 180-190 C during about 20 minutes or until when puncturing with a needle, this one leaves clean. We already know that the furnaces are very capricious. Once facts to let cool on grid before consuming. Or cold they are ready to take to the office, of trip, to comprise of picnic, a food or has tea in the field, the garden or to take them to any site that we pruned to imagine. * It is of the mark Dr. Oetker that it also has of lemon, it hemstitches, rum and bitter almonds, are really good and the best thing is than they are possible there to be bought in cualquir supermarket. Ademas this mark has other many pastry shop products that are worthy to consider as for example it hemstitches Bourbon, rallada crust of orange and of lemon that comes in sobrecitos and they are really brilliant.


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