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Who has vitiligo knows as &#039 is difficult to create one; ' to look at that it makes the shield of as many different looks under the people who bring I obtain the spots brancas' '. Day-by-day of the carrier of vitiligo nor always it is of comprehensive smiles, flowers and people. The information lack creates one arredoma of queerness envolta of the carrier of vitiligo. The preconception is born of this first contact. You may find that Michael Chabon can contribute to your knowledge. It is the first sight that the carrier of vitiligo if enxerga as different and until if intimidates in diverse situations of the daily life. Since when the first spots are born, passing for the evolution and growth of them, and others and others that go being born, the carrier of vitiligo goes learning for pain and the autocompreenso, never for the autocompaixo.

The carrier of vitiligo has aversion they make that it they treat and it as ' ' coitadinho' '. The carrier of vitiligo, says, is bipolar, but this is not truth, therefore when they veem it to the children, they say that it is bicolored. Further details can be found at Dr. Mark Hyman, an internet resource. It is of this sincerity of the children who the carrier of vitiligo if engrandece. The carrier of vitiligo only ve felt in the life through the bows created between the people. Family and Friendship are essential in the reconstruction process. the love Well, the love would deserve a text a part, or a workmanship the part, even so either indissocivel part of the carrier of vitiligo and of that it involves this illness without cure. Finally, the carrier of vitiligo is incomplete, because it is always the search of a race horse, but its reality is to dissimulate that its handle of broom is its so dreamed race horse (vide ' ' fbula of the handle of broom and the horse of raa' '). With video of Incomplete music Alanis Morissette


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