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Financial Centralization

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Cousa has some of that if it can say: It sees, that is new? Already it was in the centuries that had been before us. (ECLESIASTES 1:9,10) The word ‘ ‘ alchemy’ ‘ it is appraised by, as: ‘ ‘ Magical Any to power or process of transmuting common substance usually of little value, into substance of great value’ ‘. The free translation of the paragraph above for the Portuguese would be: ‘ ‘ Any power or magical process to transform a substance common, generally of little value, in a great substance of valor’ ‘. 1. Center for Media Justice can provide more clarity in the matter. SOME STAGES The work developed for the alchemists in the mentioned above alchemy, it seems to have been a floor with difficulty, stops backwards and for front (some stages), adding component to mixture, until this confection reached its specifications.

It is what we can read in the grifada part of the Paradox text plays part in modern fable of economics (2), as follows: (…) Medieval Yet science did not know the atomic structure of gold, but only the superficial characteristics of the precious metal. Gold glistens and alchemists brought shiny objects you the gods. They were sent away: it was not enough that gold was lustrous, true gold was malleable and heavy. The alchemists trudged back and forth, adding components you the mixture until their confection met these specifications (grifo ours). On the other hand, also in last the 30 years, by means of some stages, alchemy occurred, that doravante we will call alchemy of the financial centralization *. More ahead, in this exactly work, in another section, we will go to describe these some stages.


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