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Filiberto Rojas

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The contents of each subject, whereas knowledge allowing the challenges, solutions, play that are planned plans, actions that provide a relevant scope in the development of the company, their competitiveness and projection are designed. Taking into account the basic fundamentals that the specialist must be handled in order to give way to tools that help the Organization to use its resources and generate a positive organizational climate towards productivity and culture organizational that favors the company. Links to participants with the practical reality that the environment faces, with the problems that arise, as well as assessing the extent, results benefiting the proposals which are given, the entities that require it. Emphasis on strengthening a new managerial leadership that qualified in the most efficient way to give way to more assertive decisions that generate transformations of success to the company, as well as integration of work teams to strengthen an organizational culture conducive to the established achievements. You are trained to the new business leader with all those communicational, motivational techniques that involve harmonic inter-relationships, where empathy is revealed based on harmony, achievements, growth. Emphasis is made on the relevance of self-knowledge in order to undertake the corrections in all those areas that indicate weaknesses.

Considers Moreover the program, contributions that provide the same stakeholders of According to their own opinions in order to establish actions that help you to grow and develop their skills. The program respects the opinions of those who are interested in this type of topic and considered very positive signs that are made, as in the case of Ing, Filiberto Rojas, which indicates, that is necessary to learn how to handle situations in which we have no full authority, thus, it reminds us some very useful for any situation approaches upon.I.-. for anyone who aspires to become leader not necessarily must be a charismatic type, but have virtues like dedication to work and integrity.


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