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Field Flowers

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When it comes to flowers that grow in the garden, many people overlook the beauty that flowers can provide them. Those who want a simple and colorful, garden can opt for planting wildflowers, which in addition to being beautiful, are easy to care for and survive well to almost any type of soil. Something that have to favor the wild flowers, is that they are able to survive without any pruning and survive even with almost no irrigation. Wild flowers can survive almost any climate and adapt quickly to any changes. Among the most popular wildflowers are grass of the butterfly and the sunflower, although in reality, there are many others. When it comes to plant the plants, you have the option to grow lasflores from plants or from that are seeds, although they certainly take much longer to germinate and mature. Some wild flowers seeds require a pre-treatment so they can germinate and mature. If you do not have experience in cultivation of wildflowers and seeds that require this type of preliminary treatment, the best thing is to buy plants already germinated in some local nursery. Once the plants start to flower, will realize the impact to your garden, both from the visual point of view as biological, since when there are wildflowers, start to get butterflies, hummingbirds and other species that are attracted by the colors and the nectar from the flowers.


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