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Used in Carting helmet type integral, that is closed helmets. Simple hats for fans usually done out of plastic, this enough to secure the pilot in the rolling kartodrome. Own overalls and a helmet, you can choose one for coloring, which is close to the pilot and even cause personal inscriptions or pictures. 3. The third group – a FIA homologated RAF or form.

Purchased this equipment in it's entirety: overalls, helmet, balaclava, gloves, boots, and intended to participate in official competitions of high level. Helmets of this group produced from a high impact composite materials, have less weight, provide adequate ventilation. Expensive models are equipped with radio communication systems with a command pilot. To ensure the safety of the pilot in case of fire, shoes, overalls and gloves are made of noncombustible materials. To summarize.

Essential element of a set of equipment – a racing helmet. It is made from synthetic materials and equipped with a transparent visor. Weight of an adult helmet is just over 1 kilogram. The next component of equipment – protection of the neck, the common people called "clip". There better not stingy, and to take an influx of import protection, which prevents her revolve around the neck while riding. Protecting fills space between the helmet and body, fixes her neck. With a sharp turn, hitting or defense does not give the coup neck spurt as his or softens, thereby reducing the load on the neck muscles and vertebrae. Jumpsuits for the riders on the maps depending on the class and price category may or may not contain inserts to protect against mechanical injury knees and elbows. Dear overalls, made of heavy-duty fire-resistant materials, are already equipped with plastic shields. Fans of the kart, forced to use cheaper suits, can complement them separately acquired knee and elbow pads, and racing corset – protection for the lumbar spine. Many riders also use removable sleeves, coveralls designed to protect from burning in contact with the heated parts of the engine map. Complementary set of equipment for racing gloves, suede shoes and a soft liner. We hope that you have purchased equipment will last a long time and will win many victories. Good luck!


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