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Ferdinand Verdonck

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If it was not the fear of the waited invasion, the spectacle would be gorgeous: fifty and four great load and transport, warships, balanced the sea with its white candles and colorful flags and the intention was the attack. Among the apitos, orders and countermands, it was distinguished intention that thousand moved and men who were on board: in one of the first ships, a red flag, in the center an arm holding a sword? it was the combat and blood flag, and the war was declared. The just fond ones did not come in peace mission. The feared war had fond of the doors of Olinda, what before it was a threat, became, now, real fact. It was the beginning of the dutch presence in Pernambuco, that went to last 24 years. The Salamander was one of these ships and in it a young one was welded dutch Ferdinand Verdonck that took part of this invasion and completed 18 years in the day of conquest of Olinda.

The intention of the dutch ones was to dominate the lands that were being called Company of Occidental India that were in being able of the Portuguese. Holland started its excursions for the Brazilian coast in century XVII. The beginning project was a pacific settling, however in the end took advantage the will of the majority of the bourgeois ones that it finished opting to a strategical settling. In the arrival of the dutches, a part of the ships bombed the fort that protected the port and shot as many bullets, that it seemed that it rained of the sea for land. To another part of the fleet it followed for the coast until the Yellow Wood beach where 4000 men had disembarked.


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