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Everyone in the depths of my being wants to be anything to get in reward for any of its effort, depending on their views on life, faith, ideals and aspirations. And here is just a system of Feng Shui is close to the edge, which tries to combine the emotional and physical scope of some kind tandem, meet the needs of man, thirsting for harmony in every sphere of life. Ancient Teachers understand that you can not interact with the world, knowing nothing about it, having no idea of its laws and operations. Then a man born a particularly strong desire to understand and know the universe, and then it was given to him, (the legend) – inscribed system of interaction between two opposites in Nature on the carapace of a huge turtle. Today, thousands of people feel the urgent need for that in the stormy ocean of the passions to find your island, where you can relax and escape from problems. But not all the methods used are good.

Much safer and wiser to determine the cause of the problem and try to neutralize it. And even better – to preserve and increase the already existing wealth. And do it like professionally, which in turn brought the popularity of ancient Chinese wisdom. However, our confidence in the Feng Shui has gained not just by ringing a nice "breeze" and ba-gua mirrors, but also the centuries-old Slavic traditions of our ancestors, who mastered the art of lozohodstva, which provided unmistakable identification of deeply buried, not only water but also of various minerals. How does this relate to Chinese science? The basis of these two systems is a conscious human interaction with the energy flows our planet, to study changes in their cycles. And by happy coincidence, or patterns, most of the ancient tribes and nations of the earth at the same time have similar knowledge, not even communicating with each other. Thus, we conclude that the seemingly new is fashionable for the eastern, manifested in the West – is well forgotten the wisdom, lost the connection with which a person suffocates in an atmosphere of disharmony. And they took a sip of fresh water from eternal source of wisdom, we can qualitatively change not only their lives but also help family and friends. That is what teaches the ancient art, which possessed our ancestors, and reward for them was the inspiration, harmony and prosperity.


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