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Feeding Tips To Combat Cellulite

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Our food is essential for the treatment against cellulite. As we all know, cellulite is typically located in different parts of our body and resides as small nodules of fat due to different factors such as ingestion of a diet rich in fat, circulation problems and problems of fluid retention and elimination of toxins. Anything further away from reality, many of the treatments and products intended to act locally on our skin are based on the principle of lipolysis, a mechanism that helps mobilize the fat stored in these areas and give a much better fate: their elimination. For this reason, when we talk about power referring to control of the intake of difeentes food that one of two types: for its high content in fat they favor the opposite mechanism (lipogenesis), or do not help all the mobilisation of fats and even it can harm our blood circulation, and not only worsen cellulite but be the aggravating circumstance of more pathologies, such as for example varicose veins. What are our enemies food? Obviously, eating a large amount of food loaded with sugar candy, sugary drinks or white bread, as well as the bakery loaded with fats, are going to cause our body to react secreting insulin throughout the day, and is precisely this hormone which prevents or hinders the mobilization of fat doing this is stored in our body uncontrollably. This grease has two basic preferences of storage: abdominal or gluteofemoral. And how we should react to these cases? The recommendation is simple: physical activity and movement during the day not be without eating more than 3 hours fractionate your diet in 5 shots fruit or salad breakfast prefeentemente. They can also be an outlet during the day.

At least three fruits per day. Carbohydrates such as bread and pasta should be comprehensive. It is recommended to not eat them at night to not favor its accumulation. Thus we will focus on the following: factors cellulite (excess fat, exercise, body weight, genetics, style life) excess fat does not coincide at times with high body weight. Two people can present the same excess fat and this also have a different distribution giving rise to bodies in the form of PEAR (strips) or Apple (great belly) we know. Author might disagree with that approach. Knowing this, and with the dietary advice before a person can plan a diet to alter your body composition.

You can do this alone or seek help from a nutritionist who will guide you and help you solve many of the doubts that will emerge in the willful course of combat cellulite through the weight, as well as having a history with fundamental and personal data such as the BMI (body mass index) and the study of spontaneous intake. Custom diets are designed to decrease body fat percentage taking into account the preferences on food from that person and their economic, religious, cultural condition or social. These are distributed in breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner. On every shot is allowed to choose between various foods (with which facilitates the free choice of the person and at the same time help to be substantiated) and is known as a system of exchanges. At the beginning, during the first week, not be watched big changes of weight or drops since the diet is conditioned to the type of person to decrease or gradually vary the content of energy, carbohydrates, fat and protein. If you want more information about diets, treatments against cellulite and cellulite can visit us at our website: original author and source of the article.


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