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2nd grade: Provincial. A leading source for info: Dr. Mark Hyman. 3rd grade: Municipal. Constitution: the basic rule of any sort is legal (Kelsen) organized by the State through the tripartite division of power, and the Declaration of the rights and guarantees of citizens. The Constitution dictated by the constituent. Constitutions may be written or verbal. Written constitutions can be Codificadas: can be in a single Legal or disperses, body depending on its contents can be: rigid, flexible or petrea.

Rigid: a special procedure reform the Constitution. Flexible: there is no provision that dictates how the Constitution should be reformed, you can do with a law or any conventional standard Petrea: can not be reformed. Classic constitutionalism: emerged in the 13th century with three revolutions: English (Hobbs), independence of United States (Shel), French (Rousseau, montesquieu, Voltaire). They were ideological movements seeking limits on power. Constitution of 1853 sources.

Direct sources: the United States Constitution and Alberdi basis. Indirect sources: the French Constitution of 1791, the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812, the Constitution of Chile de 1833, the federalist dentrote the Constitution of United States, statutes of 1815, the regulation of 1817, the Constitution of 1819, the 1826 Constitution and the Federal Pact of 1831. In 1852, the Governors of the fourteen members of the Argentina Confederation provinces signed the San Nicolas agreement, which called for a Constituent Congress. However September 11 Buenos Aires province seceded from the Confederation, since Buenos Aires did not accept transfer of power that was reserved, especially with regard to equal representation in Congress (two members by province and the nationalization of the Customs Office announced in article 19 of the Covenant of San Nicolas)due to which was not part of the Congress. The Constitution was approved on 1 May 1853 in the city of Santa Fe, was promulgated on May 25 and July 9 swears by the provinces, during the Government of Justo Jose de Urquiza who defeated Rosas at the battle of Caseros, governed only for the remaining thirteen provinces.


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