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To decide a soccer departure well is to make to fulfill the rules of the game, the regulation of the competition and to keep the esportivo spirit enters the actors of the spectacle. The arbitrator is scaled by the responsible entity for the existing competitions. In the book of rules of the FIFA the arbitrator is in the fifth rule and the assistants are in the sixth rule. To become arbitrator if he has to abdicate diverse things, mainly the feeling of torcedor of soccer club. The requirements to form an arbitrator today are innumerable: superior level, to say other languages, clean name in the commerce, beyond excellent physical preparation. He has soccer schools that arbitrator or assistant teaches to the interested parties to be, where has the preparation to learn other languages, the rules of the game, psychology of the sport, slight knowledge of physical preparation, writing of abridgements and reports.

Based in the displayed one he has a great quarrel how much to the professionalization or not of the soccer arbitrator, since today it has that to donate itself entirely to the arbitration to galgar position in the elite, beyond if becoming an athlete of high level. For some the regulation of the profession will be able to generate corruption in the football way, to generate submission of the arbitrator to the federacy which belongs, but also will have its guaranteed labor laws, bigger devotion to the work and more available time for accomplishment of its physical treinos since she is an athlete of high level. The arbitrator is the responsible one for the direction of the spectacle, has the power and the supremacy in its hands, wants to say, in the sound of its whistle and in the ink of the penxs and, the less to make a mistake, better. Soon, he must be PROFESSIONAL. In virtue of the FIFA to public divulge that he will only use in the pantry of 2014 professional Arbitrators, in the last day 25 of October arbitrators and former-arbitrators (as the former-FIFA Carlos Simon) if had congregated with members of the house of representatives in the Federal Chamber for the accomplishment of an audience on the subject. The Project of Law in the 6,405 has engavetado in the Congress, of 2002, of authorship of the Federal Senate that makes use on ' ' The regularization of the profession of soccer arbitrator and of the others providncias' '. This project was placed in guideline, however, so far nothing it left the paper. I eat Arbitrator ' ' Profissional' ' filiado to the FCF I defend the regulation of the profession, therefore beyond the cited positive points in them it would relieve more valuation and respect. At last, Brazil as headquarters, runs a great risk not to have an Arbitrator representing in the Pantry of 2014. It will be a great loss for the Brazilian soccer, case this happens.


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