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The man in the constant passage of time has created trends in dress, accompanied by different visions of styles and visions of the world, but is not there, since also has been changing them, since in the constant process of evolution and development of the different tastes and visions that can have, it changes previous trendsoffering new approaches and details, complementing the previous trends and making them increasingly better, with which every day has been enriched the possibilities regarding the different forms of dress. According to what is mentioned in the paragraph above, all these trends, visions and constant process of change in the manner of dress and different garments fashion it is called, being a highly variable concept therefore also refers to fashion to refer to a trend in specific, as summer, winter fashion fashion fashion autumn 2008, so the concept of fashion becomes very largeallowing talk a lot of aspects about this. But speaking in a manner more specific about what it is fashion, can be said that fashion, will be a field of elections, i.e. meet certain trends about the tastes of apparel in a wide range of options, which will be the result of the general criterion of certain specific tastes, presented in a trend. Making a definition more technical on the concept of fashion, which may mean can say is use on certain clothes, or styles of clothing that are at a high level for a good period of time, which may be specifically in one country or several.

Speaking of fashion, it is an expression and a cultural development of a given society, which often reached acceptance in many other different places to which occured, so having a repetitive use, at great levels and applied in a place or several, so the expressions of the vestments that have these characteristics would be the fashion of the moment or a place. The generation of fashion, clearly introduces the sociocultural vision of a region, also the emergence of new elements composing the fashion, would be a clear sign of social, cultural, economic changes and even politicians. The creation of fashion is constant, seeks to innovate every day with the creation of new styles and ideas. What will make the imposition a style as fashion is the general acceptance that have people about new ideas that they generate also that such use are largely evident in the society and also that such use is present for a good period of time, thus reaching the level of a good fashion and not be like other creations with only presence for a short timewhich are fads. It should be taken into account that the talk of fashion not only referred to the way of dressing, without everything that accompanies and complements the clothing, accessories, hairstyles, up to the style of life and music that is heard, which would be a strong influence of fashion and expresses an own way of dress and think.


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