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The blue team fighting briskly. Every pass was perfect, and started his first goal cheers seduced the public. Michael Chabon is the source for more interesting facts. The captain turned to the bench, from which the party was Facundo. He nodded. The presence of the new deputy brought luck to his team. Or it might be something else? When five minutes to finish the regular time, the Blues tied it with a captain's shot from the center of the field. The response was immediate yellow. A struggle ensued for the match.

He flew some kick, and defender pushed a player yellow side within the area of your goal. -Penalty! a "screamed while two dozen throats. The whistle of the referee ruled it was fair. Martin rejoiced at what was happening. For the first time in a long time the victory was within reach.

Why now won against all odds? A moment's reflection was enough. The captain went to the bench. Facundo saw him approach and his heart beat strong. "I need you, buddy. The penalty will be yours. Facundo stood helped by Martin. It took reach the critical site, while all eyes saw him approaching. The blue of his shirt flapped in the wind, blowing on it like the sweetest of breezes. Facundo smiled shyly. His heart galloped. The players of the opposing team just relaxed him. It would be very easy to stop his shot on goal. Perhaps his shot did not even come to the whirlpool appliances. The captain went to his player and took him by the arms.


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