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The partner network BesserGemeinsam.de starts a new affiliate program partner network BesserGemeinsam.de starts 20 years after the fall of the wall a new affiliate program, due to this important anniversary. By the fall of the wall on the 9.11.1989 was possible, what seemed unthinkable before German reunification. “The affiliate program to the massive silver commemorative coinage fall of the wall” appears just in time for the anniversary of the happiest event of recent German history. “The silver coin fall of the wall” has a diameter of 26 mm, 8 grams and published in a limited edition of 5000 pieces. Publishers who use this silver coin on the timeliness, can take advantage of yet a further circumstance. Silver coins are currently particularly sought after.

The ever-increasing price of silver is the popularity of this raw material. Use of this exclusive affiliate program of BesserGemeinsam.de, 5 euro expect the Affiliate Commission for every valid lead. See microsites/wall case / can Advertisers free program login and get access to current advertising materials for use on their own Web pages. Contact: DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH Dennis BEKER Affiliate Manager Robert-Bosch-str. 5 D-63225 long phone: +49(0)6103/31 30 61 Twitter: twitter.com/DennisBeker over BesserGemeinsam.de: BesserGemeinsam is the affiliate network (affiliate network) the DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH, which successfully operates in direct marketing for over ten years. Since its inception in the summer of 1999, the Internet is an integral part of the strategy of the company. With BesserGemeinsam.de, customers have the opportunity to extend the classic direct marketing on the World Wide Web and to use as a modern distribution channel for their products. Advertisers can to the application of its products available advertising media Web page operators and reward success depends on a possible advertising success. Especially in difficult times is the so-called performance marketing with BesserGemeinsam.de a successful method to increase sales and keep the costs within the framework.


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