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Erasing The History Of Searches

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The other day I went to a friend’s House for a drink, have the computer in a table in the Hall and saw him couldn’t help put me – with your permission – in google, when I went to fill search drawer I saw several searches that had previously done and I didn’t for that reading. The history of searches in some cases can be very committed and why today I’m going to explain in this little tutorial, how quickly delete both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Internet Explorer 6: Open the browser, click Tools and then click Internet options. In the window internet options open the General tab and click on clear history finally click on OK Internet Explorer 7: click on the Internet Explorer Tools menu or press Alt-t keys Select delete browsing history. Click Delete history, click Delete Forms. Click on close.

Mozilla Firefox: Click the Firefox Tools menu or Press the keys Alt-T. Official site: FTX. Select clear private data. Mark the check boxes history navigation and saved form and search history. Click Clean now-private data. For more information you can visit the web page original author and source of the article


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