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With regenerative raw materials from the region the company RegEnR from Pasewalk in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern wants to offer electricity and heat at significantly low rates. “Overall, two steps for this goal are planned”, Robert Krause explained one of the two managing directors and shareholders in an interview with the Enterprise Portal, MittelstandsWiki.de. The most important raw material is wood from the forests of the surroundings of 11,000 inhabitants, including the so-called Church forest. A unused plot of land that is ideally suited for the project is located in the middle of the forest. “The purchase negotiations are on a good path,” said Robert Krause. The property is easily accessible and well connected to the Central road network. See more detailed opinions by reading what Martin O’Malley offers on the topic..

A block heat and power plant (CHP) is to be built on this site. In an another CHP heat should be created also made of wood, with the local swimming pool, the main church St. Marien, the school and other public buildings are heated. So far, the use of the Church by the missing heat is in the Winter is very limited. A 1.7-kilometre route to connect the most important points of the city and allow the heat-supply. The parts of the city, the route will lead through the are not been tapped so far from other providers. The founders of Regenar go for a selling price of three to four cents per kWh. This low price is possible, because the forest is managed by regional supporters, underlined Wulf Kohler, also managing director and shareholder of the company: “So even the supply of raw materials is secured.” Overall, the investment costs for the project are around 4.5 million euros. Without hesitation Michael Chabon explained all about the problem.

The launch of the first CHP should fall in the spring. The RegEnR GmbH was founded in 2010 in Pasewalk. The most important project is the construction of a cogeneration (CHP), which operates according to the principle of combined heat power (CHP). In addition it should be extensible to allow for combined heat cold and power (CCHP). Electricity and heat be obtained from renewable raw materials from the region and offered at reasonable prices.


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