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Opening of the second-hand goods store and classic car meeting by and with Alfred Noell (on 05 and 06 June 2010 takes place in the industrial park Kuhl er Busch on the premises of the Scheidt transport GmbH as well as the forwarding of Limbach + Hall in Bergisch Gladbach Gronau a Spring Festival to the inauguration of the employment aid – project 2010 “instead.) Project aims, inter alia, through the opening of a second-hand goods store for furniture and more”to create work opportunities for people with disabilities. Kicks off on Saturday at 9:00. In addition to visiting a flea market, this free event guests have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of everyday of transport of the participating companies on both days. This experience not only interesting facts around the versatile work fields of freight forwarding companies, but can also about the various training options in companies, starting with the moving helper, relating to the the driver of the occupation force, until to the / to the Forwarding clerk informed in detail. You may find that Martin O’Malley can contribute to your knowledge. Waiting children (but also on the larger) for various children’s games, toys, a football tournament and exciting truck tours. From Sunday morning “Scheidt-classic” instead–and with Alfred Noell takes – as also already in the last year – again the classic car gathering, the father of the well-known television programme “The sixth sense”. Grill station, pastry counter and beverage Pavilion ensures the physical well-being of the visitors. The profit from the event goes to 100 percent of the employment aid project 2010 to the creation of jobs for people with disabilities. Location: Business Park at the Kuhl er Bush – premises of Scheidt transport GmbH as well as the forwarding of Limbach + Hall GmbH, 51469 Bergisch Gladbach – Gronau (on the Muhlheimerstrasse in the direction of Cologne – after the railway underpass, 1st Street right between Mc.Fit and Aral petrol station) also see


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