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Ectopic Pregnancies

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One of the main risks for pregnant women is the gestation of the fetus occurs outside its womb, medical phenomenon this known as ectopic pregnancy. This event is certainly rare, occurring in only one of every sixty-three pregnancies. However, it could put in grave danger to the mother, reason by which their detection and diagnosis in time key in resolving the situation are. What are their true nature and their symptoms? Contrary to what happens in a regular, when after the insemination pregnancy the fertilized egg lodges in the uterus, noting its walls; in one character ectopic, the egg would be located in the fallopian tubes (the most frequent in up to 98% of cases), ovaries, cervical canal or the pelvic or abdominal cavity. The danger of this type of situation would be that the fetus will begin to develop in an environment that is not prepared to assume the great growth that could this experiment. This is would derive a great danger to the physical integrity of the mother, resulting logically unfeasible in any case the life of the embryo. The main symptoms of this type of pregnancy are the occasional bleeding, severe pain in the abdominal area and urination and amenorrhea. Those will be key indicators that will alert to do tests that confirm or refute this kind of medical problems.

Why have Ectopic pregnancies place? The medical community has been pointing out as factors that could contribute to the development of a pregnancy of these features:-the advanced age of the mother, making this more evident once compliments for its part thirty years. -The consumption of tobacco. -Having been subjected in the past to a previous tubal ligation surgery, taking place an improper fertilization of the egg in the same. On the other hand, if the woman had suffered previously from any pregnancy of these features, this by itself could make it more prone to suffer again in the future. Treatments available in these cases it is considered that, in approximately 50% of the time resolution of ectopic pregnancy occurs by natural means and without that required no treatment or intervention, through a miscarriage. Barring this, should submit to the mother to therapy.

The usually employed, by its least injurious character and does not require hospitalization, is the pharmacological, via a compound called methotrexate. However, the surgical option is always open, being the most commonly used in this field alternative laparoscopy. The medical negligence in the field of pregnancy ectopic a fault in interpreting the mother ectopic pregnancy symptoms, could jeopardize seriously their physical integrity, seriously endangering their chances of getting pregnant in the future, or even his own life being exposed. In the event that you had suffered a pregnancy of these characteristics and because of the mistake of your gynecologist in detecting it had caused you severe damage in your reproductive system, you could have the possibility of bringing a claim for medical negligence, and may settle in your favor an economic compensation by supported damages.


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