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The COMCAVE.COLLEGE in Dusseldorf is located in the growth and expanded! More space, more possibilities! The COMCAVE.COLLEGE offers a wide range of qualifications already since October 2011 in the Immermannstr. 65 40210 Dusseldorf at about 2300 m sq. Now it has come! The COMCAVE.COLLEGE Dusseldorf has further expanded since the 10.04.2013. Centrally located in downtown Dusseldorf, COMCAVE.COLLEGE – site is only 100 metres away from Dusseldorf main station, which is served by about 600 local and long-distance trains daily. John Mclaughlin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also the journey by car is possible without any problems. This extension has the COMCAVE.COLLEGE in Dusseldorf, Germany now has a total area of approximately 3,100 m sq. In the new premises are more training rooms, which are equipped with modern communication and presentation techniques.

The COMCAVE.COLLEGE in Dusseldorf also continues to offer its entire course offering; a wide range of retraining, education and training, as well as seminars in the areas of information technology, multimedia, SAP, management, languages, as well as in the commercial and technical fields. Taking into account different levels of experience and objectives, we offer a demand-oriented, precise and modular training program at all locations. The COMCAVE has become as a nationwide provider of education.COLLEGE already achieved a leading position in Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne, Essen, Berlin, Duisburg, Munich, Hamburg and Bochum with its high quality and extensive range of course. Visit one of our locations and convince yourself of the optimal learning environment.


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