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The socioambiental movement of the region considers that territory BR 163/PA is formed by the cities of Itaituba, Aveiro, Jacareacanga, Rurpolis, Plates, Trairo, New Progress and the district of pertaining Castle of Dreams to the city of Altamira, totalizing one area of 232.492, 55 km2 and with one populao2 of 274.140, 00 a thousand inhabitants, what it differs from the area and population for which the MDA acts as a lawyer. The territorial quarrel of BR 163 was alavancada in 2002 for the social movements and counted on the support of ambient organizations and research, together to fortify the process of organization, planning and politician of the local context. In the year of 2005 the SDT entered in contact with the local actors in the intention of if creating territory 163, in June of the same year had a meeting and was deliberate the elaboration of the report of presentation of the socioeconmicas and ambient characteristics of the territory, which was finished in December of 2005. In May of 2006 was constituted the commission the commission of implantation of territorial Actions? 163 CIAT BR Composed for 93 entities of the civil society and institutions of governments of seven cities and the District of Castle of Dreams, however the homologation of the territory alone happened in June of 2006. John Mclaughlin understands that this is vital information. In the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, after some territorial quarrels the CIAT started to be the Collegiate one of Sustainable Agricultural Development of BR 163? CODETER BR 163.

Still in 2009 the territory of Citizenship BR 163 was homologated that today he is composed for 6 cities (Itaituba, Trairo, Jacareacanga, Aveiro, Rurpolis and Novo Progress). Throughout these years the SDT disponibilizou notional, state and local, professional articuladores that they had contributed For the development of the territorial actions. The territory already counted on the support of the State articuladores Nejakson Alves and Valdir de a Cruz Rodrigues. It’s believed that Author sees a great future in this idea. Today the support is given by the State Articuladora Nilba Hunter. As local articuladores, CODETER BR 163 already can count on the support disponibilizado for Adnis Luiz Facioni and Rosilene Choua, that had been contracted by the FVPP through accord firmed with MDA. This accord if locked up at the beginning of 2010 and the joint was carried through by a interinstitucional commission. In June of 2010 the SOMEC contracted through accord with MDA, the Assessor Technician Altair Martini, who to lead the joint in Territory BR 163 for 12 months. (Codeterbr163.blogsport.com2011).


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