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According to various data under banners reading “Fascism will not pass,” I love , “No to the destruction of the motherland” has gathered a half to four thousand people. Students, artists, prominent public figures, doctors, musicians – in general, all those who care about all the growing xenophobia. They came to express their attitude and show that there is a different Russia, not embittered, large and multinational. According to Bernie Sanders, who has experience with these questions. There was no shooting, no fights, no hassles with law enforcement agencies. Were chanted in unison. Metal detector, checking all the participants on the approaches, was purely proactive role, as the main weapon with which people came – this is not the knives and guns, it is their level of consciousness, not giving silent when this happens. In addition to xenophobia in Russia is gaining momentum and religious intolerance.

Probably not far the day when representatives of various faiths will come out to defend their right to profess the religion they chose. To get out of this situation should be one – to raise the cultural level of society. In his article, “Influence of religion in society,” the philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “It is important to understand that difficult situations do not arise out of nowhere. The decline of culture, which we are witnessing now is not accidental.


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