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They largely determine the very structure of consciousness, and through that dark and bright minds in the percentage of change, they have a direct impact on the so-called vibratory formula of consciousness, which enables the mind to overcome the boundaries of multi-energy world of the Creator. That is why the vibration of consciousness in the formula largely determines the affinity between a power structures – the structures of consciousness. A person living in a material world, is inclined to study his family tree, not realizing at the same time that related to him on earth are only those people who are in the material world came with the introduction of their physical body, the particles of the same consciousness of the Soul. All these people are relatives of a man of consciousness and can be on earth as in his life, and in the historical past and the future. But unlike a family tree based on the physical relationship of people, people of today are hardly in a position to construct a family tree of related people on the structure of consciousness. Thus, for the man and his consciousness in the material world exists behind the scenes life of the underworld, of which a person, being within the material world, he knows nothing. But if people knew their energy relatives, then he certainly would have dropped a number of questions about why so often our world is unfair to those people who at one time thought little about justice. For example, if Vasili Volga learn more about their past lives, it is quite possible that he would write a book titled "Behind the scenes" in an entirely different perspective.


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