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The trip was still continuing and I still did not see him end to the Nile. Interestingly, suddenly, my hands recobraban sensitivity apparently lost during any part of the journey and that I don’t remember. I looked at and between them kept an amulet. An amulet in the form of goddess with head of lion and that ensured any Queen that their well-being, carry it Thus the myth said that this goddess protected the Sun God until he was exiled, under the guise of Leon, somewhere where it is not known what. Then, remembering that myth, I asked until when the amulet would protect me. I went back to look in front, but there was no horizon, everything turned white, I turned sideways and everything looked white, the galley sank because there was no Nile that sujetase it, the galley disappeared at about the same time and I fell I into nothingness. Lisa, awake, are four and a half and the Conference you have it at seven told a woman that in principle I was be unknown until I recovered from the dream.

Yes, Grandma. Thank you for preparing me the bowl of milk replied when I finished the milk Bowl, I heard the voice of Rodrigo call me. His smiling head appeared taken at the door ajar to telling me that everything was already ready to leave us. I only nodded. No couldn’t believe me it until you were not there. Hold on. And I’m going I managed to say you looked for a moment the photo of my grandmother and he returned to come to memory their wonderful stories of that place.

We left the House. Helping me balustrade and a cane down the stairs. They say have found the Queen of Egypt and my grandson Rodrigo is going to prove it. Perhaps I also can check what I see in my dreams.


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