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Tattoo bewertung.de a growing community that sympathetic occurs and over 18,000 members a free home offers. In the last 20 to 30 years the tattoo scene has changed weitgreifend. Michael Chabon spoke with conviction. Where earlier tattoos were “subject to jail brothers and sailors”, the works of art adorn also Mrs Muller next door today, because tattoos have become cult. More back tattoos in the foreground, one on the net that show designs or want to offer templates finds more pages. Unfortunately, not all are reputable and you find yourself quickly in the event of a fraudulent. The Web page, however, offers an ever-growing free community for body art enthusiasts who are 1:1 can be exchanged, and is highly recommended even by the Computerbild.de. Since the launch in November 2007 over 27,000 members have joined together, which can show each other your masterpieces and evaluate them.

With a 10-star system, members can generally after the tattoos shown on the photos Appearance – where even the own taste plays a role and scoring for cleanliness of the work of the Tatowierers. In addition to the regular members, who would like to show their tattoos, now about 200 professionals who may call themselves professional tattoo artist and have a private studio located on tattoo-bewertung.de. To be sure, there are also old tattoo hands among the members who like to share their experiences and opinions by a trained eye in the comments. At tattoo-bewertung.de good 18,000 pictures uploaded in the last 3 years, which are absolutely fake-free and can be viewed free of charge. The search for motive or of the body, which significantly facilitates the finding of Tattoovorlagen and suggestions is especially of advantage.

The associated Forum, members can replace, beginners interested in the tattoo scene get advice from established professionals and can get about their tattoo ideas motifs and the choice of Studio. The page tattoo-bewertung.de was founded in November 2007, the lovers the body art to be able to offer a free and guaranteed the ripping free community. The registration is voluntary and only beneficial. Professionals and beginners can in Exchange get advice and tips, and this this portal stands out consciously by others.


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