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Color And Architecture

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Therefore, the color, shape and spatial pattern seam are of great importance for the aesthetic perception of the entire masonry. Seam can be colored by using ready-colored masonry mortars (Eg, Vetonit has more than 10 colors) or performing the undoing of the facade with a special solution for jointing. Seams can be of different shape depending on architectural requirements. The spatial pattern stitch is created by Stretcher bond mix, perpender clutches and shift the bricks to each other (Silesian, Cross, Flemish, Gothic, Chain, etc. masonry) Chain masonry masonry masonry Gothic Gothic wrong masonry Another feature of European brick color is its heterogeneity. Even within a single brick can be a lot of different shades. This seemingly lack of actually getting his dignity, because the diversity of masonry facade gives the scope and depth (of the plain brick house look like a flat scenery in a theater).

That the process of laying to avoid banding and a uniformly mottled facade, it is necessary use a brick at the same time an increasing number of pallets (4-5). European manufacturers offer a huge assortment of colored bricks, one brick when there is 2-3 colors. When buying a brick keep in mind that shades of brick from batch to batch can vary. It is very important in the masonry brick surface has texture. It affects the refraction of light, and, therefore, contrast, brightness and Other color options are brick (rough surfaces have a matte, velvety color on smooth, glossy surfaces are glare, but sand will provide a spark on the surface of masonry). Only now are some domestic factories began to produce bricks with a textured surface, but Europe has long produced a brick with a large variety of textures: from the highly textured (chopped, antique-stab), to 'powdered sugar' (Side quartz sand). Many of combined billing, for example, the surface with a corrugated texture sprinkled with crushed quartz. The architecture of the building, a variety of sizes, textures and colors of brick, add to that the possibility of using sutures different colors, and spatial pattern, all this gives an almost infinite number of options for the appearance of the facade from which to choose a unique, satisfying a particular customer. You may find that Michael Chabon can contribute to your knowledge. This is truly a Herculean problem-solving process which can bring indescribable pleasure, and an indescribable irritation. In the first case, you should try to fully realize their creative potential, while the latter rely on the expertise of architects and designers working on the project. To facilitate the solution of the selection of colors and textures of brick, our company has created an electronic library of clutches, you can use it in special programs modeling, and visualization to get your property in your chosen brick.


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