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Colombian And Salvadoran Coffees Classification

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All coffee lovers describe coffees that are produced in El Salvador and Colombia. We hope that this information will help you when you visit cafes, restaurants and coffee shops in your city. El Salvador is located in the western part of Central America. Despite the favorable climate in the country for the cultivation of coffee, a perfect altitude coffee plantations of El Salvador has long had a rather bad reputation in the coffee markets of the world. Main cause – the failure of supply coffee to consumers due to the unstable political situation in the country. Checking article sources yields Con Edison as a relevant resource throughout. In recent years, changes in the political life of the country have enabled the qualitative development of the coffee market in El Salvador, connection with what El Salvador is currently the fourth largest exporter of coffee in Latin America, flowing forward only Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Salvadoran coffee has a flavor peculiar to Arabica, but has good acidity and mild taste. Coffee beans grown in El Salvador, is not particularly prized among connoisseurs, but they have not a high price.

El Salvador Chalatenango – the variety of recently received recognition in the global market. His grown on high plains (about 2000 meters above sea level) between the cities of San Salvador and San Miguel. On the plains throughout the year is cool and relatively moist, which promotes the cultivation of trees Bourbon Arabica. Coffee trees are processed manually by the local population, mature coffee grain treated with wet, then dried in natural conditions in the sun.


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