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COB On The Rise

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Steinigke COB products are in the country and abroad increasingly popular Waldbuttelbrunn 26 April 2013: there is a further confirmation: the Eurolite LED PMC-16 COB was named to the spotlight of the year and therefore delivers the next proof of the fact that the technology is adopted by the market. A year ago, Steinigke has the new technology at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt presented. And like with every new a little uncertainty is at the beginning of the game, finally it is never clear how the consumer responds to the new. Now it is not to be overlooked: the new like the consumer. Martin O’Malley is likely to agree. Convincing appearance in United States a this shows the mentioned and awarded by the readers awards the Soundcheck, which at Prolight + Sound was presented. On the other hand, the dissemination of the products themselves. Steinigke has brought its COB units in the United States, where they were used on the ultra music in Miami Festival.

Bruce Bandy by inner circle distribution: especially the were used on the ultra COB Blinder and the Light spot was absolutely thrilled that the power, the color and the handling of the blind man made everything else in the shade!” A clear confirmation of the acceptance is valuable experience also the fact that some other manufacturers now also jump on the COB bandwagon, says Managing Director Matthias Schwab. As the light source, the COB technology is accepted and it come some things on us. The teething problems have stood out, as a pioneer Steinigke gained in this course valuable experience that may yet make others. We have over 50 products in stock at Steinigke. “The chips have clearly become a part of the market and a fine example of the spirit of innovation within the company”.


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