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It is important to emphasize that, if the quality of attention to the client is important ” off-line” , in the virtual world and of the advance of the social networks, one has taken control essential. Good campaigns of incentive to clients and an optimal attention to the client, will run like powder drip by all Internet having multiplied the sales. It is not necessary to say that the faults in these headings will run with greater speed. It acts with ethics. It remembers that always he will be preferable to lose the gain of a sale that to lose a client.

The users are reaching levels of more and more high education thanks to the access to the unrestricted information. Said into another form, before closing the purchase process they will inquire, they will compare, and evaluate. And if they feel that at some time they have been harmed by a little clear practice the damage to the reputation online can finish being more onerous than to recognize when we have been mistaken or we removed illicit advantages. , Immediate, and free simple. Thus it is as they love the clients to it and who it includes/understands this will count on a comparative advantage in front of competitors. If its product allows it, offers samples free. Free it means free.

It does not cause that their potential interminable clients must fill form with their personal data in exchange for a sample. If the product is of quality, it does not doubt that the consumer will return by more. HYPERLINK ” ” To sell by Internet a product gives the immediacy sensation. Nevertheless, the user thinks long before puncturing in the button To add to the Car.


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