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After identity checks, and the finding of possible injury by the youths arrested, they were left at liberty, facing police the drawback, in the case of the student, than anyone of HidroAysen was available to bring a complaint for damages to the property. This was a peaceful demonstration, with which wanted to demonstrate symbolically what happens when he gets a barrier, in this case to transit, but in a dam is to life, is to the dreams of those who live in Patagonia expressed on the activity coordinator of the Coalition for citizen by Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann. He indicated that the company wanted to install the perception that is responding to all the comments and the concrete is that the services audiences were very clear in saying that many of their approaches had no possible answer by illegality or correspond to essential omissions. He added that we hope that the environmental authority enforce evaluation of technical information provided by the public services of Aysen and noncorrect contradicting the law as it did when Mayor Selim Carrasco unilaterally asked the Icsara, without prior consultation with the members of Corema. Read more here: novelist. In this context, he reiterated environmental institutions are already delivered, more than one third of public services pointed to the rejection and if this project is progressing is only thanks to the lobby and the money.

Finally, he said that the Government is committing a serious political error, because he is not listening to the voice of the regional and national citizenship that has been categorically rejecting hydroelectric projects in Patagonia. In April 2009 the IPSOS survey showed that 57.6% of Chileans disagree these mega projects hydroelectric and associated transmission lines. Citizen who has movement Patagonia without dams so demonstrates the growing support..


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