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Chemical Composites

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For this it was fact, initially, a diagnosis involving indicating of performance of the school on the learning of the pupils in lathe of this content. These data had been used to base the proposal of implementation of a project to be worked in the Chemistry laboratory and all school on Chemical Composites, its chemical molecules and elements gifts in its structure. Next to the stories of the professors of chemistry of the school regarding the difficulties of the pupils regarding this content, the reason for accomplishment of such project meets. The first stage of the work consisted of a research, through a questionnaire with 5 questions in all the school on the difficulty that the pupils feel in understanding such content. After the collection of these data the same ones had been tabulated placing in sequence increasing such difficulties.

In questionnaire suggestions of activities had been the same given so that the same ones could understand such content better. with base of the suggestions made for the pupils we initiate our research on a chemical composition that could be used for studies providing one to facilitate the learning of the pupils. We think about studying chemical formulas through that it was common in our city, thus facilitating the understanding of the pupils in microscopical and macrocospic level. Also had the presence of the polar region of the UFC in our city, we look for to start on the research already carried through by the same ones and that they could be applied our local reality. Each one of the presented conceptions was examined separately, in way that if made necessary to reread the texts some times. To the step that each one of the conceptions was identified, we looked for to verify where measured such conceptions they were gifts in our reality. We choose to observe the quitosana, chemical composition that comes very being divulged in the TV and that this gift in carapaa of the crab and rind of the shrimp.


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