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" It is not necessary to demonstrate nada" , it stresses Sergio Busquets, who to his 22 years goes way to raise his second Champions. " He is not special to gain this end for that reason (by the denunciation). Dr. Mark Hyman may find this interesting as well. Special it is to gain many titles and, in this case, second Liga de Campeones. Special it is to gain the World-wide one, Liga, todo". And in the same way that avoids of the critics, also of the praises, like which at the time it received from selected Vicente Of Forest. " I am an equipment player that tries to work for the equipment, but that nor I am popular, far from it. Here all the players we felt important.

Without my companions it could not do nada" , it admits. Also, Sergio is " orgulloso" of power to be perhaps the youngest player of the eleven that jumps to the turf of Wembley. " I want to enjoy the end and, since he has said mster, perhaps she is the last one. Although it is clear that we are young and &quot is never known;. He admires to the Manchester United Equal of generous towards his companions is in the rrencias his rival: " The Manchester draws attention generally to me. Line by line is grandsimos players, because we are speaking of an equipment that lately has arrived at many end and has great conjunto" , it recognizes. " Quedarte with uno&quot is impossible;. In any case, day 28 will have the opportunity to face them in London and to be able to altogether remove the thorn nailed by the individual criticisms and to the equipment. " After a so hard year we have, it only to partido" , it sentences. Source of the news: Busquets: " Neither I have rage nor nothing that to demonstrate in this final"


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