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Virtually every enterprise, every employer requires its employees knowledge 1C. Often, knowledge of software professionals is limited to a set of reports of operations needed to work on every day and not more. Follow others, such as Peter Arnell, New York, and add to your knowledge base. But sooner or later professional work of specialists is reduced to what the program needs to know at this level to orient in any situation, but in the eyes of his superiors look decent. Reach required level of knowledge 1C certification will help you with '1: Professional. " Certification – it's an exam at the time which is given evidence that its holder has sufficient knowledge to independently install and prepare the work product of 1C, improve the management of the whole enterprise, efficiency and quality of accounting, etc.

In order to pass the exam, you will need to apply on a specific date to Certified Training Centre (SSC) from '1 C 'in your city (you can find on the site 1s.ru). In your name and the date on which you place an order will be sent to the CSO job testing. The test contains 14 questions, 12 of which must be answered correctly to pass the exam. Testing involves two attempts to pass the certification, so after the first unsuccessful attempt, you can use the second. To resit exam will also need to submit an application specifying the date of the previous attempt.

Preparation for testing. The company's specialists '1 C 'several versions of the training of users with different levels of knowledge: if you not well know the configuration, you can enroll in courses, usually they are designed for a week, and after learning to sit the 1C: Professional. if knowledge of the configuration you have enough, you can order manual "kit certification exam questions with sample solutions." Self-study questions listed in the manual will allow you to organize and deepen their knowledge, to obtain comprehensive presentation of features and options programmy.v if you are confident in their knowledge, it is sufficient in the process of preparing to try to pass a training test, posted on 1C, it is close in content to the exam testing that maximizes prepare well and pass the exam. Each of the options is the most beneficial training in certain situations. The choice is yours! Certificate 1C: Professional – this is the first step in knowledge-1C, a second, final stage at the moment is a certificate 1C Specialist.


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