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That you’d think if after living a lifetime being a good person who has fulfilled your religious obligations and dedicated to the service of others, you receive the news that your only daughter with only 17 years of age have been diagnosed breast cancer. As if outside little, the doctor says that the disease is very aggressive and that the results of recent studies reveal the need to amputate both of my breasts. She a young woman full of energy, good daughter, beautiful, with the dream of being model and you you’ve necessarily had to leave your job to stay to care for her, even after your wife, she had to stay on working because the salary of it, was of greater quantity of the two. When you think that nothing else could happen you son Alberto informs you that your unit selected it to go to war and have only 21 days to enjoy with their families. Many people may say that we should accept divine will, but also religion teaches us that the righteous will have a better quality of life. However, we are disappointed with God, with life and destiny, when things happen contrary to what we expect.

Then we claim to life and we wonder why me. How much more should I do to have a better quality of life. Why this not happens to drug addicts, criminals or those who do wrong to others. So many bad people in the world and bad always happens to the good guys. Therefore, the fact that our conduct is irreproachable doesn’t mean that unexpected things will have to happen. The situations are good, nor are bad, as either single individuals. These occur as a natural consequence of the existence. From the moment that we come to the world, life becomes a risk. Incalculable risks in some areas of work to live is human, which although it is true there are some aspects that we can control, like for example feelings, thinking like much of our behavior.


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