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Caixa Laietana Project

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Caixa Laietana has proposed a major challenge: to digitize all your old collection Culture Center. The main objective is to ensure the protection of the publications of the background literature, some of which date back to the sixteenth century, and allow a query and reading more comfortable for users. The project’s goal is that these documents can be consulted by historians and the general public without make-threatening condition. Specialized personnel Culture Center Caixa Laietana be responsible for completing this great work from next September using a new generation scanner, suited to large formats (A1) and that has cost about 70 000. The first phase of the project will take two years, although postponed, is scheduled to digitize most ancient documents of the Centre.

Ricard Navarro, who is head of social work Caixa Laietana, said during the presentation of the project that this is a great bet for the future. It is a new project and great ambition, proof of this is the machine learned to do it. The organization has chosen not to outsource the task and invest in a scanner from a French company, which is one of the few in the whole Spanish State, and most are in the hands of public institutions. This is a high precision machine that scans documents without mistreating thanks to an extendable arm and a set of scales that can capture not only the volume and image saving any defect that may have the document scanned. A few months ago, access to old newspapers and is closed to the general public to preserve them, since some are in poor condition. The president of Caixa Laietana, Jaume Palau Boter, explained that the Cultural Centre has many invaluable documents. The presentation also exibio a sample of these unique pieces are stored in the building that connects the Pujol Street and Palau. Scrolls of the seventeenth century, a grammar of 1492, a commercial book of 1521, a pickup of Catalunya, 1585 Constitution, art books of the eighteenth century logbooks sailors were the Americas, the first edition of lAtlantida Verdaguer (dedicated by the author), a large collection of local and regional press as well as documents children such as propaganda leaflets or congratulations.


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