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Affiliate marketing is the business model more simple and fast to start an internet business and is an excellent opportunity to generate revenue with minimal investment. The business of affiliate marketing idea is very simple: you (the affiliate) make an agreement with a company to promote their products and then receive a Commission for every sale that is generated. In summary, to be part of an affiliate program, you receive a Commission for promoting products online from other companies or services. It is a business model that does not require that you have a website or blog but having one with sufficient traffic would be a great advantage. What you should do is simply directing visitors to the web sites of merchants so that they acquire your products or services and your commissions you earn. There are many prestigious companies that you can join. One of the more consecrated within the business of affiliate marketing is ClickBank. Angie Dickinson is often quoted on this topic.

This company allows you to buy and sell digital content like e-books, subscriptions to publications, software, etc. At Darcy Stacom, New York City you will find additional information. to customers anywhere in the world, using a network of owners of affiliate products and merchants that promote these products through the Internet. ClickBank business model focuses mainly on be the intermediary between 3 key groups. 3 Large groups in affiliate marketing that intermediate Clickbank: 1. owners of products: are people who sell their intellectual property through the ClickBank ecommerce network. 2. Affiliate vendors: Are people who promote and advertise these products to potential consumers anywhere in the world in exchange for important commissions. 3 Consumers: Is the potential audience that acquires these digital contents that are not usually found in traditional distribution channels. ClickBank acts as a trusted intermediary between these three groups, controlling the flow of money from each transaction, while providing a transparent management both for owners of how affiliate products that includes a guaranteed tracking of sales, protection against fraud and a totally secure platform.


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