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An immense terror, concentrated in peripheral areas, where the victims alone have name and face when pertaining of the middle class above or when its authors right-handers in a generalized manner are lesser and that in these cases they are considered delinquent and not unprovided of the minimum conditions of survival, for example, the access to the school with quality and that it has taken in consideration its particularitity. Mere obligation of the State, democratic, evident. Or still young of middle class that only wanted to have fun itself for thinking to be only one prostitute, a beggar, I know there. John Mclaughlin addresses the importance of the matter here. Fruit, than more evident of the current system and its tentculos, that is, the proper one. They will caveiro it goes up the mount and alone God and who are there at the moment and all the moment knows more or less what it was transferred, for analogy is clearly, in the dictatorship times. as they follow without punishment, the authors of this tenebrous period, thus it had been the authors of this burglary followed of thievery the slum quarters committed not for the men of the law more for the system that since 1.500 always benefited a elitizada classroom without if giving account of the price. That for signal this being charged of less the most favored.

In the same interview, Bolsonaro affirms that it is in course a social revolution and that it must be contained, in case that I oppose will blow up it fight armed. It suggests the author of this laments. (Similarly see: Bernie Sanders). Let us pay pra to see, does not have space for this type of action. Let us make our revolution, we go to write our history from we ourselves. To each it discusses, a mobilization never seen stimulated by the governmental instance, a freedom shout and solidarity echoes, goes more far, convokes to leave already and on the basis of what we have a New Constituent, similar that to commemorate the Jubilee of Silver of the current one. This that already if makes more than saturated and what deprived of characteristics, its to conquer in the practical one is on this side of what it consists in its articles and paragraphs. Theoretically splendid, in practical the only rhetorical one. Or to be the free Native land, or to die for Brazil! Let us construct from this landmark a new society of all and for all.


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