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High lamas will be a tryst in the Allgau was born in 1950 in Nepal and still from the last 16th incarnation, of the Karmapa as a monk ordained. Today is the head of several monasteries and Builder of many Buddhist Stupa monument as one of the respected lamas in the Himalayan region. Shipley Chesler-Shamarpa Mipham Chokyi Lodro also Shamar Rinpoche is the 14th reincarnation of a number of teachers who were predicted by the historical Buddha. Shamar Rinpoche left Tibet in 1959 along with the 16th Karmapa whom he accompanied until his death in 1981. Then he continued with the projects of the Karmapa and was responsible for the recognition of the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje. Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche was commissioned by the 16th Karmapa 1972 camp to the Buddhist Centre at gut Hochreute the 68 Danish Lama Ole Nydahl to teach Buddhism in the West and to establish the Kagyu centers. His disciples and he purchased Foundation diamond way the almost 50 acres of grounds to the gut Hochreute, where the course takes place, in May 2007 for the Buddhism. This plot was an international meditation and meeting centre with the aim of to create.

The Buddhist summer course is the most important single event of the year in Germany with up to 3000 simultaneously present participants. The visitors stay in tents on the grounds, camping at the Lake, or in hotels and boarding houses of the region. Lama Ole Nydahl travels almost constantly as a speaker around the world. He also visited the numerous Buddhist centers he has established over the last 35 years in the service of the Karma Kagyu tradition. He is the author of so far seven books about the diamond way Buddhism, including how that are things a modern introduction to Buddhism”as well as the Buddha and love”. Voluntary cooperation of joyful Buddhist for some of the participants from more than 40 countries means the meeting not only meditation, but also exchange of knowledge and experience.


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