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To begin with I want to say a few words about the Royal Kiteboarding (Italy) In 2007, a leading designer of RRD Vanucchi Simone (Simone Vanucci) founded his own company Royal Kiteboarding. Using long-term experience in design and kite Simon managed to do very successful line of kites and boards, which are updated and improved every year. Paying great attention to detail, Royal kites produces impressive as their flight performance and high quality workmanship. Perhaps check out Ultra Wellness Center for more information. Kites manufactured in a factory Global Sports Lanka, which sews the kites for Faith, North and Caution and is renowned for its quality requirements of products. The project Era 08 according to Simon, he used his studies for hybrid HyperType, mixed with modern design trends of the Delta and direct control of the C-type. In 2009, the emphasis is on fine-tuning of the aerodynamic profile, reducing the total weight of the kite and improve manageability.

Kites differ excellent traction in the lower range of wind and excellent turning performance for riding the waves. We can say that this is one of the best representatives of the hi end hybrid blend of the latest innovations kaytostroeniya. Suffice it once production try Royal to understand that the price / quality they have no equal in the marketplace. Buy a hybrid kites Royal is now possible in Ukraine. Details of the products and Hybrid SLE kite Royal Era inheriting the best of the previous era, Model 2009 has a powerful lift, wide wind range and excellent control.

Received a new era of more stable profile with a larger diameter at the LE flaps. This gives the kite more speed razvrota and does it well controlled even at depauere. New profile makes jumping and cutting into the wind. An advanced 5 rasstropovka suspension lines completes the list of improvements this year Benefits: System inflate the kite through a valve 4 Easy sling system security front lines Manageability C-kite with the Planck length adjustable straps (20 +5 m) Clear Chicken loop with the protection of all joints in the central Balon, battens on flap Available in the following sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 Royal Plank The new level is even smaller diameter and is even easier. A special coating prevents slipping of hands. Hybrid SLE kite Royal Solo Solo 2009 – 4th suspension lines Hybrid SLE kite. Solo Range matched in size so as to achieve the perfect balance between maneuverability and traction. Kite is ideal for beginners as because of its stability and controllability forgives many mistakes. But it is also perfect and kiter intermediate and advanced levels. Advantages: The system of inflating the kite via a valve Easy Manageability four lines C-kite with the Planck length adjustable straps (20 +5 m) Clear Chicken loop with all the seams on the Security Balon central, armor for flap Available in the following sizes: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 Planck Royal Solo In developing the strips Royal Solo paid special attention to the simplicity, safety and light weight. A special coating prevents slipping hands. Planck Royal Solo will suit any kite Royal.


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