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Brewers And Maltsters Is And Remains A Profession With Future

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NRW brewing industry needs well-trained professionals Dusseldorf. Beer is the most important food of the humanity,”laughs Oliver Landsberger. And he must know it. Learn more at: Michael Chabon. Finally, the graduate master brewer as head of the brewing operation of the King brewery in Duisburg is responsible. However, the vocational training of young people is the now very close to the heart.

Landsberger cares since 1991 not only to the budding brewers and Maltsters in the own operation, but sitting for 13 years at the head of the Audit Commission in Dortmund. The pure craft of brewing has evolved in the last 20 years to a technical scientific ALLROUNDER.” This circumstance has helped, that the training regulation was amended and adapted to modern requirements of this profession six years ago. In addition to the artisanal activity today also electronics and mechanics as well as mess – und REGELTECHNIK conveyed the trainees”, so Oliver Landsberger next. A brewers and Maltsters must in addition to the right blend of barley, water, hops and Also the technical connections control yeast. So he can do minor repairs during operation itself.” Brewers and Maltsters is a profession that can be exercised equally by women and men. But the conditions must be,”the instructor know. There is a craftsmanship.

But also the school grades should be, because our trainees can face. However, the profession for all pupils is suitable who can present a good education no matter whether high school or secondary school. To better appreciate the suitability, we offer two-week internships. Then, the chaff separates rapidly from barley malt. We need many good recruits who want to make a career professional for our industry’. As it can go, Simon Esser proves as a former apprentice of the King brewery. The 23-year-old completed his exam with 98 attainable by a total 100 points as Germany’s best young brewers. However, despite of success eaters will remain rather modest, regarding his career: after my studies now underway in beverage and beer I will remain in any case the industry. For the production of beer is my life.” During his training in Duisburg, he could use the gained knowledge just fine in his five-year study. I have learned above all the conceptual work during my training for the Brewers and Maltsters in addition to the expertise in the area of brau – and drink-technical. That help now me.” For Oliver Landsberger, the career path of Simon Esser is typical for young people in our society today. Who looks a little bit in school, can make professional career as brewers and Maltsters. Us it’s not, whether a candidate has opportunities. He needs to burn for his new profession. Then we fit together very well.” “So it is also the Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW: Brewers and Maltsters in the future are needed in spite of technological progress”, white Jurgen Witt. This technically scientifically-oriented food craft has its justification also in our day and age. Without this profession professionals would miss, which can produce the still most popular alcoholic drink of the Germans.” After the training all doors are open to brewers and Maltsters. Especially the foreign searches desperately for highly qualified professionals from Germany. But also in their own country, absolutely nothing in the way is a professional career. Holger Bainbridge


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