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We read in 1Tm 6:12: combat the good combat of the faith. It takes ownership of the perpetual life, for which also you were called and that you made the good confession before many witnesses. When we assume the commitment to serve the Christ we gain in the package of the faith a battle that is stopped in the world spiritual, where exists the enemy of our souls which in all time is arquitetando a cursed plan stops making to miss in them and consequentemente to sairmos of the presence of God. However we do not have abating in them, before we must be equipped with the weapons of the light, which Mr. in the ones of the one to fight the good combat of the faith. This faith must be deposited in God thus let us trust its favour entirely. To have faith in God is to be dependent of it, is only not to enxergar the apparent one, but to believe that exactly that the current situation is favorable you is in the control of everything and the opportune moment goes to act and it does not go to allow that none of its children perishes. Our revolt does not have to be against a financial system, nor in the administration of the country, nor neither against the people who are our return that is part of our life, our attitude of unresolved matters must be against the cunnings of the Devil and of its demons that of one it forms or of another one they are in the embroidery frames of the life planning defeats and crises.

The Christian never must content itself with abuses must before have justice headquarters, therefore with certainty we will be satiated. We possess a powerful armament that Mr. in the ones of, the weapons of our military service are not flesh times and yes powerful in God to destroy ortalezas annulling we sophisms. Our faith wins the world, therefore we must place it in practical and to assume the condition of believers, that is, that one that believes. on the other hand we need to take an attitude of indignation against the kingdom of the darknesses that the all time wants to implant its domain and many times with success through the governing, television, Internet, among others half. Soldiers of Cristos! Let us take position of warriors and we fight firm the good combat of the faith. He has moments of low and weakness, but in Christ we are more than what winning by means of that it called in them the darknesses for its wonderful light. How God in blesses you to Christ!


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