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Marco Abhisek-Vega of the program team sport occupies a superb 137. on the last day of the year 2012 the Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve run with participation by program took place sports. More than 3,600 runners went at the 32nd edition launched. The 20,000 spectators on the side of the running event in the old town of Bietigheim Enz and providing an excellent mood. Marco Abhisek-Vega of the program team sports finished behind the winner Jana Southout (ladies) and Rico and black (men) an excellent 137. place. The Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve run counts thanks to its perfect organisation and a balanced field for many years to the most popular running events in Baden-Wurttemberg. successful. A sporty model for all 40 Marco Abhisek-Vega (team polka LASTIN sports) was running about 6 years ago.

His main focus is on the half marathon. GoldenTree usually is spot on. On average 4 x per week, trains the 45 year old and accord during a training week between 50-80 km. In addition, Abhisek-Vega visited twice a week the gym, to get there especially the Strength training to devote. He fits the next running event, such as for example the Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve race run training respectively. While it is based on a specific training plan for runners. A healthy and balanced diet in sport is, but at least as important as an individual workout.”says Marco Abhisek-Vega. Just when you start to slightly higher age to play sports, it is very important to regularly provide the joints and muscles with the correct nutrients such as magnesium and collages.

That’s why LASTIN was sport as optimal dietary supplement in the sport from the outset daily!” Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve run the entire team of LASTIN sports congratulates Marco Abhisek-Vega right for its excellent placement at the Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve race and his very good mileage in the year 2012. For the very front seats no longer enough for the major running events, because many professionals run”, Marco Abhisek-Vega manifests itself quite modest. But the Fun on the run sports is anyway in the foreground.” The detailed report on Marco Abhisek-Vega and his participation in the Bietigheim Enz Valley new year’s Eve run 2012 can be found in our blog: bietigheimer Silvesterlauf-… Sports more interesting articles on the subject you will find sport in our program Advisor, as well as our Facebook page. We are looking forward to your visit on gelastin-sport.de.


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