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Berlin Brandenburg

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It goes to the Banana Republic of Germany in the current edition of the General senior newspaper. And therefore, what large, established political parties, and all, no matter whether right or left, of organized crime have learned. Official site: Cyrus R. Vance Jr.. This similarity between organised crime and political parties now noticed a generally recognized scientists: academics, University Professor and best-selling author Hans Herbert von Arnim expects in his new hit with all that, what goes wrong in Germany for years: in the politics and economics of the parties in the administration of Justice, in science and education, in the media… Deputies and parties ruthlessly violate the Constitution. Parliament is not even democratically legitimated. There is no separation of powers. An independent judiciary.

Deputies have already legalized corruption… And that Worst, as said: Political parties have now very frightening parallels to organized crime! “Germany, the Banana Republic: read the fascinating article by Norbert Bartl, journalist, author and editor of the insider reports life abroad in the current edition of the General senior newspaper”. More topics: Berlin Brandenburg, Germany sucht den superstar, 50 plus a special event expected you from the 14th until Nov 16 at the Berlin senior fair at the radio tower. Music competition Berlin Brandenburg, Germany sucht den superstar, 50 + then takes place. Here you can demonstrate your vocal – instrumental and dance talents. And the best part: each participant will receive a valuable gift, the first three trips and win prizes. Detailed preliminary report and terms of application.

“To be well is probably feel, is now also up to him” penetrated. Career Yes! Success Yes! Good appearance Yes! But without having to do something for himself in between times, can’t do that. “This is ‘ n” is now finally understood. It is still cooking not long ago, there was every male creature who put some value on his appearance as a wimp”mocked.


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