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Backgrounds and stories from the studios to the annual exhibition of India () thinkers in the service and artist without factory – Bazon Brock comes to the annual exhibition of slide ‘ 13. Source: Martin O’Malley. On Friday, July 12, 2013 is around 6: 00 pm, Bazon Brock in the foyer of the House 7a of Faculty of design, House 7a, on the subject of the importance of the design was never greater than today and tomorrow”report. In addition is a second day by Bazon Brock in the late-Gothic church of Wismar St. Nikolai in planning. Known also as representatives of the Fluxus Movement, he has participated a genre that was coined in the 1960s by avant-garde artists, together with renowned artists such as Joseph Beuys and Wolf Vostell various happenings. The Emeritus Professor of the Chair of aesthetics and cultural mediation at the Bergische University Wuppertal is known as thinkers in the service and artist without work on his homepage. Read more here: John Mclaughlin. More information and press material to Bazon Brock are online to see a dynamic lighting – when light starts to tell. Eleven students from the architectural lighting design master course present their lighting designs drawn up since the beginning of the semester on the opening night of the annual exhibition of slide ‘ 13 on Thursday, July 11, 2013, and on the following Friday shortly before sunset.

Facade, staircase and bridge of the faculty building serve as architectural light projection. On the basis of innovative, high-quality LED technology, three installations are on the subject of light beats”be seen. The international students are looked after by Prof. Michael Rohde. The project is supported by the partner of Philips Lighting, color kinetics, and Alexander Weckmer – Licht und mediensysteme GmbH, represented the Christian Ferouelle lighting specialists, Vincent Laganier, Natacha Lameyre, Dirk Seifert and BAS Hoksbergen. SLIDE a title, different series of events, but always Wismar. In 2006 the Faculty has invited design the University of Wismar for the first time to the annual exhibition of India.

The three-letter used in the title slide” symbolize the areas of study design, interior design and architecture and since then occur in different series of events of the faculty. The annually selected creme de la creme”of the year exhibition tours, for example, under the title travelling exhibition slide” by Germany. Also the lecture series Wismar DIAlog”to design relevant topics plays with the combination of the three letters in the title. Faculty employed designing the University of Wismar on the faculty design the Hochschule Wismar are enrolled approximately 700 students and more than 60 professors, lecturers and employees are here. Approximately 2000 square meters of laboratory and workshop are students available. Student workshops are reachable 24 hours, about 350 days a year by a chip card system. The Faculty of design is located directly on the University campus in the Hanseatic City of Wismar, close to the city centre and the port. The Hanseatic City of Wismar is situated on the Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.


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