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Balearic Islands

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At the same time protect yourself from possible competitive disadvantages in the future. “I don’t believe in the new TLDs, .biz or .net were not too successful.” The provider of the travel domains provides a number of advantages in. travel: 1 best placement in search engines: A majority of Internet users using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find suitable travel deals. The top level domain .reise a clear industry offers for consumers as well as for search engines. Matching search term and top level area of the domain search engine will automatically detect the high relevance of the domain and are correspondingly high place .reise domains in the hit lists.

The owners of these domains thus benefit from a long-term and strategic competitive advantage in acquiring new customers. 2. .reise is called German Term of over 100 million people understood and facilitates the distribution to and from all German-speaking countries. 3. in particular, travel agencies and tour operators have a second chance on a strong sales domain. In the past, domains were often the pattern name .de elected. But hardly anyone searches for “Travel agency Meyer” when he wants to relax 14 days on the Balearic Islands. In the still unoccupied namespace .reise are all terms to have, E.g.,, or.

Such domains with generic terms are significantly better for the acquisition of new customers as domains with registering. 4. tourism offices and Destinationsvermarkter not speaking win significantly more successful German-speaking tourists as customers with .reise domains. Because the name of a destination in connection with .reise three things immediately unequivocally makes it clear: 1. is this Web page in German language; 2. the domain owner is a professional member of the tourism industry, which will be according to boom Be content; 3. the page has travel and tourism content. 4. is therefore as much expectation as de / antalya.


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