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Social networks are the new toy of all that we do SEM Search Engine Marketing-. Shortly after you begin using them, we can see the immediate effect on the dissemination of content. Filed under: Bernie Sanders. You can choose all imaginable formats to disseminate our message: postings of microblogging (no more than 140 characters), shared bookmarks, videos, pictures, articles, applications. The versatility and effectiveness of this new channel awakens the general enthusiasm. However, learning to use them is a process that takes time, and, like everything in life, cometeremos many errors, until they have become a fundamental part of our online marketing actions.

The particularity that have social media is able to segment our message in an unusual manner so far. Thus, we will make a specific message for each community, in certain situations and well targeted. But, it is preferable to use in homeopathic doses rather than flooding them with our messages. It is necessary to recall two premises fundamental: people increasingly of all ages – spend most time on social networks, rather than other traditional portals (e.g., online news portals) most of the time people spent on social media (which is a lot) do them it for pleasure (i.e. to socialize, meet others, refer to issues that are important with your group of belonging to them(, and share innovative content) as well as all hate that when we’re seeing an interesting movie, the transmission is interrupted by commercial messages, users also hate when some infiltrate your community insists with advertising messages in the style watch .com offers of the month.

Without a doubt, this is the way faster towards the failure of social communication strategies. Then what be? Therefore to offer a service, Yes, but not to enforce it. To bring quality content, provide assistance, and establish brand presence. This proviso does that, who is devoted to promotion in the social media, need to exercise extreme ingenuity and production of material viralizable, i.e. popular, and that potentially users want to share between them. There are excellent examples of effective institutional communication in the social media. One of these cases is the Pizza Hut on Facebook. In itself, the page has nothing extraordinary. But the creativity with which it is made makes who enter there want instantly a smoky and crispy Pizza Hut pizza, obviously. Other companies offer applications through the social media for users to interact. Such is the case of Victoria s Secret. The Facebook page has unpublished videos of parades for fashion lovers, and a very funny application that you can build your own set. Without a doubt, haunted girls have fun fantasizing with which of the proposals of Victoria s Secret will remain. These are just two of the many examples of pages incredibly popular companies in the social media. There is no direct marketing, there is no compulsion to purchase, no offers of month-end, however the people come in abundance, either to know what has the variety of Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut, or choose clothes that like them. A detail, at the time of writing this article, between the two Facebook sites totaling more than 3 million fans!


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