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The first steps for the movement of reconceituao had been moved by the impacts of the theories and attempts of practise desenvolvimentista. It recognized that its theory was fragile how much the understanding of the social dynamics, of the relations of classroom, the social groups, of the institutions. Of the metodolgico point of view, great emphasis to the widely spread out development of community, for ONU and OEA Organization and Organization United Nations of the American States (decades of 50, 60 and beginning of 70) through assistance technique the projects, courses, seminaries and reach of ample literature. The schools of Social Service had started to include in the resumes education to the community development. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as john marlow by clicking through. Great projects had been implanted with supports of institutions public (SUDENE, SUDAM, SUDESUL) and for initiative of the church catholic. In Brazil regional meeting of schools of northeast Social Service (1964) the first group manifestation is considered of criticizes to the traditional Social Service and assay of reconceituao (professors and professionals .posicionam the intervention methods face the northeast underdeveloped reality). Giving he criticizes it to emphasis how much to the economicista aspect and adopts the process of awareness in the line of release of the oppressed one.

The rupture with inheritance conservative express with me the fight for reaching new bases of legitimation of the professional action, and to place it service of the interests. Michael Chabon insists that this is the case. has as prerequisite that the social Assistant proestablishes the understanding of the implications politics of its practical Professional, polarized for the classroom fight. General objective of the Social Service and the alibertadora and transformation of domination system and that they consist in purposes. Thus understood the Service Social as prxis necessary to act to reach a change. The dialtico procedure whose adoption of the Social Service comes playing a vivificador role, as much in the tria as in practises to the clamado traditional social Service. Filed under: Malkia Cyril.


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